Business Focus

ASCE Chemicals is the Major provider of Aluminum Sulphat in Egypt, thanks to our new and more dynamic business approach, that leverages on the company's human resource and latest production technologies to develop innovative market-driven products that exceed customer demands.

Customers focus

we continue to empower our customers to earn more profits irrespective of the size of their enterprises from small-scale to multi-billion industrial complexes by Creating and sustaining market dominance, providing tailored made solutions and investing more in understanding what our customers need, we have been able to satisfy all our existing customers, and reached out for more

Be a Partner

We have our hand outstretched to welcome you aboard as a partner to ASCE Chemicals.

We believe in high ethical standards, mutual business interest, trust and respect. We also believe in making a complete network of business partners

Main Office :
15A Al Ahram St. Roxi , Cairo , Egypt
Abu Zapal , Kaliobia, Egypt


Email: info@asce-eg.com
Phone: +20 2 22919236     
              +20 2 22906425
              +20 2 22919954

About US

ASCE is an Egyptian leading company for manufacturing of Chemicals. The Company was founded in 1986 as a sharing company


Liquid Alum  
Solid Alum